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Built by Manfred, in:
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New: fresh

Looking for entertaining ideas for home?

How to improve own home entertaining area? Do not look any further because wood fired oven is exactly the correct way to go. Not just an entertaining way, also practical, efficient and pleasing in so many aspects.

Swishy wood fired brick oven in Bonny Hills.

Photo by: Manfred
Location: Bonny Hills

Title: Swishy wood oven in Bonny Hills by Manfred

Description: Manfred in front of his new oven with a fresh pizza. He makes his top notch pizzas now because he built, on weekends and with no previous skills, except to make beer, this top notch pizza oven.

"It is great for pizza and sensational for roasts, the best pizza oven in Bonny Hills!"

Thanks for all the help help Rado. Manfred

by Rado Hand

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