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Built by Charley, in:
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Blue stone with bricks

This is how I improved my backyard at home. A free blue stone I unused I had from my mason friend, plus with a few red color bricks I could build this practical structure - it is a Wood Fired Brick Oven

Red building bricks, blue stone masonry work picture.

Photo by: Charley
Location: Atlanta - Gor

Title: Masonry work with bricks and blue stone

Description: Well the oven sort of created its own look, as I was building it, it started to come together, a mason friend of mine had some blue stone so I decided to utilize it.

The oven is used mainly for pizza, but we have done some breads and we also plan to make deserts or even bake breads as well because the oven is after pizzas for instance extremely efficient on the heat energy which absorbs into the oven while firing it. Who would not utilize the extra heat energy for making extra meals?!

It was work in progress, over weekends, step by step, to complete it but absolutely totally worth it in every aspect.

Again thanks for all your help, it was priceless, thanks Charley.

by Rado Hand

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