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Built by Oliver, in:
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Wood oven with smoker box by Oliver

Wood burning oven with smoker box in one structure by the oven side. Diversify the culinary by adding smoking. Work by Oliver Korber oven builder from Cape Coral, Florida.

Wood oven with smoker box by Oliver Korber.

Oven's name: Wood oven with smoker

Oliver Korber wood oven builder. Wood oven with smoker box in one structure. Oliver Korber oven builder. Work by Oliver Korber.

Photo by: Oliver
Location: Cape Coral, Florida USA

Title: Wood oven with Smoker Box by Oliver Korber.

Description: The pizza oven was finished in time for the proud owners birthday party. There were about 30 guests along with a special Italian guest that made the pizza dough from scratch. There was every topping imaginable, and everyone made their own pizza's. Everyone stood in line to see just how well it worked and had a great time talking and mingling with other guest they just met. Everyone, as they left for the evening said it was the best party they had been to, and what GREAT idea. Everyone was asking when one could be constructed at their home.

We also made bread with the oven and everyone was pleasantly surprised at how great the bread and pizza tasted. There is a smoker attached to this oven also, hidden in hand made doors, antiqued to go along with the theme. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I had a great time making the oven and the fun times we have had with it.

Oliver Korber
Cape Coral, Florida

by Rado Hand

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