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Built by Paul, in:
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New: fresh

Reused again salvaged bricks - saves money!

Recycled but cleaned bricks. Here used are salvaged bricks in building the exterior. Tactic proved to be great investment because it saved lots of money. Why not for those on a low income.

Using salvaged recycled bricks for building exterior walls.

Oven's name: Sagy.

Reusing cleaned and recycled bricks for building exterior walls. Building interior walls using recycled salvaged bricks.
Salvaged recycled bricks for clean exterior walls. Roofing slate stone work. Building with recycled cleaned salvaged bricks.

Photo by: Paul
Location: Vermont, USA

Title: Reusing salvaged bricks for the exterior.

Description: Rado:
Last year I began my saga. I liked your design and copied much of it into my oven. I used salvaged brick for the exterior - different sizes and shapes made it interesting (and slow). Inside I used new firebrick and advised procedures.
I live in Vermont, USA and used slate made sense as a fire proof roofing material with lead flashing and ridge cap. I chose not to cover the chimney - I might use a piece of slate between firings to keep the rain and snow out, we'll see.

Thanks for your help when I got started. Here are some "larger" pictures. I haven't taken any significant food pictures - too hungry I guess. I'll send some soon. We make a lot of roasts - beef, chicken, pork, lamb; stews; baked beans and other vegetable dishes; breads - all types including flat; and various pizzas. Hopefully, I'm going to do sausage and onions this week. Thanks for your response and keep on spreading the good work.


by Rado Hand

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