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Built by Rob, Kris, in:
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If it's cooked in bricks oven it's much better

All meals if they are cooked in brick ovens, such meals taste so much nicer. Brick oven built by Rob and Kris Vitale in Langhorne P.A. U.S.A.

Everything cooked in a brick oven taste better.

Oven's name: Special Memories

Meals cooked in brick ovens taste better.

Photo by: Rob and Kris Vitale

Location: Langhorne P.A. USA

Title: Meals cooked in our brick oven taste better.

Description: Hi Rado,

thanks for the Memories, I will remember building it for the rest of my life. Special thanks to my Wife Kris, son Rob and friends Jon and Dawn.
We are living in Langhorne PA USA. The meals we cook in your pizza oven are the best we ever had. One might say that is unbelievable. Well, it can feel like that, but then you simply get used to the higher classy standard of your own culinary art practice, easy and fast learning. that is how I say it.

You are right when you said everything cooked in a brick oven taste better.
Best to you and Family

by Rado Hand

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