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Built by Pete, in:
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New: fresh

Fantastic dome object for culinary

Here is another low-set sitting on the ground round igloo shape dome oven - built for creative culinary cooking in our garden outside.

Garden with on the ground round funtastic dome object.

Oven's name: Fantastic dome

Round garden dome structure. Round garden made dough. Pictures of fire in round garden dome. Foods made in round garden domes.

Photo by: Pete

Location: Sevenoaks Kent, U.K.

Title: Welcome to the "Funtastic Dome"

Description: Many thanks for the plans on CD, an extremely helpful stuff ... hence, here are some pics of the construction and finished oven ... it cooks a damn fine pizza, garlic bread, breads, oven dried tomatoes and other vegetables and the oven stays warm for days ... we used high silica and alumina bricks which cost a pretty package, but I really enjoyed the project and I think you will agree it was worth it ... it is ground dwelling due to front garden aspect ... thanks again ... will send a few more pics later on ... once we have had a few more summer burn ups.

by Rado Hand

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