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Built by Peter & Linda, in:
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New: fresh

Cast iron frying pan goes in too

Not only pizzas can be cooked in wood fired ovens, or bread being baked in them. A heavy cast iron frying pans can be placed in as well.

Solid cast iron frying pan in wood fire.

Oven's name: "Ned Kelly's oven"

Ned Kelly next to his oven. Linda cooking in the oven. Roasting dinner in the oven. Wood oven's door for baking.
Linda's and Ned's oven area. Wood oven front view.

Photo by: Peter and Linda
Location: Karalee, Qld., Australia.

Title: Stone block house, wine cellar and the Swishy wood fired oven.

Description: Rado, I just thought you may be interested in a picture of our Bread Oven. She's a beauty in our slang language! We have been cooking lots of absolute wood fired pizzas and bread. For casseroles we use the solid cast iron frying pan and a smaller camp oven. They work great. It's everything I wanted it to be.

At Christmas time I got the oven going about 04:00

Linda had bought a large half cooked ham and then covered it all over in a pastry about 10mm thick. Into the oven it went and cooked till about 08:30

We had lots of people here for our traditional BBQ Breakfast, but when we brought the Ham out we just blew them away. Best Ham ever - moist and tasty. Yumohh. Everyone saying "you cooked this in the Pizza Oven?" You betcha! (another slang language expression we use) Isn't that great?

Oven is built in a great entertainment area we have established. I have a stone block house at one end which is our wine cellar and the oven at the other. Can you imagine sitting in the middle - "I think I will have another wine - no I think I will have some hot bread - Bugger it, I think I will have both." (slang slang slang)

Thanks so much for the CD and your expertise. If ever you wish to come and have a look, send us an email. Could be a good excuse for another light up. We only live at Karalee which isn't that far from you so come up for a visit Mate one day!

Kind regards, Peter and Linda.

by Rado Hand

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