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Built by Saskia & Bevan, in:
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Minimized rescaled Swishy oven design

For those people who do not have enough room - here is another scaled-down and minimised in surface Swishy oven design.

Smaller sized constructed brick dome oven project.

Smaller sized oven construction project. Brick oven construction project.

Photographs by: Saskia and Bevan
Location: Gladston

Title: Wood oven and BBQ home project.

Description: You helped us out greatly with a copy of your CD workshop and we are very pleased to report the mini "Swishy oven" version is finished and has been fired!

We had pizza from it last night and although we had a massive gale storm here, the oven cooked wonderfully well!

I have attached a couple of pics with the oven and one of my husband with it. Our oven is part of an overall BBQ complex and to the left of the oven, we are dropping a gas barby and then a table top in the middle. Please include Bevan's photo with the oven - that would be great!

We will have a look over the weekend. He has bought a 6 burner gas BBQ with hood that he is placing at the other end, so once that is dropped in, I will send you a photo of the complete "BBQ-pizza oven combo"!

Many many thanks for your help - your website was invaluable!


by Rado Hand

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