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This is where we cook nearly thing

Honestly, there is no better cooking device than a well built wood firing oven. If you intend to cook many food styles efficiently and in high standards, then wood burning brick oven is the way for trying out.

Cooking place in our house.

Photographs by: Sam
Location: Boquete, Panama.

Title: Wood firing oven as THE cooking place in our home

Description: We are making fantastic pizzas and roasting or baking breads of all different kinds and shapes. We found the key to success is dry wood, sometimes hard to find in the wet tropics. But we managed to get and dry a huge load, so we are looking forward to many pizzas.

Thank you so much for sending the CD so quickly! We looked at the whole thing and it is excellent in detail. All very clear.

My oven was well under way from instructions on your web site, so the CD just verified I am doing the right thing right from start. You are an excellent craftsman, and your helpful technical web site is great too.


by Rado Hand

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