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Cappo Masonry project

Cappo Masonry is into these kind of masonry projects / stone structures and building wood fired ovens as well.

Cappo Masonry project photo; stone wood fired oven.

Oven's name: Cappo masonry

Cappo Masonry project photo. Cappo Masonry job. Cappo Masonry work; stone wood fired oven.

Photo by: George

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Title: Cappo Masonry project; stone wood fired oven and entertaining area.

Description: Rado:
You web site and information is very educational. In my business I have been asked lately to build pizza ovens and even a Roman bath house. When i was very young I built one with my grandfather but that was forty years ago. Your site refreshed my memory and was a big help, Thank you. I hope all is well on your side of the world. Here are a few photos of a pizza oven / outdoor living area we did last year.

If you are ever in the states and are in need of work feel free give me a call.

Thanks once again.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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