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Little bake house "Niclas"

A little cute bake house called "Niclas". We make pizzas, breads in our oven in Germany. All by Frank.

Pizza bread oven in Germany in little bake house Niclas.

Oven's name: Niclas

Germany pizza oven house by Frank. Bread oven in house in Germany. Photo of Pizza oven in Germany.

Photo by: Frank Noetzold

Location: Kirchberg (Saxonia) Germany

Title: Small bake & pizza house "Niclas Backheisl" on Germany

Description: Hi Rado
I would like to present my self-built stone baking-oven. I built the pizza oven in 2001. The small baking house carries the names of my son "Niclas". The oven was built in a traditional style using completely natural materials. The oven consists of a molded dome made of loam. Loam is an ideal material for this purpose. Before baking, the oven is preheated for 2 hours with wood. For my family and me real Italian style pizza is the very best! My friends say: Franks family bakes the best Pizza in Central Europe in the Home-made Stone Oven. After baking pizza the oven remains hot enough to bake delicious homemade bread without adding additional wood. On my homepage, one can find a construction-manual for a pizza-oven.

Thank you and many greetings from Germany


by Rado Hand on Google+

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