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Flow Conversion Calculator

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Automatic calculator and flow rate conversion relative to movement of material. E.g. flow rate by volume through air and gas flow meters, water flow meters and meters for other liquids, fluids or flow of objects by mass (at various volume versus velocity interval formula calculations). The tool instantly converts a value of each-one flow rate measurement into equivalent also flow units. Individual flow rate and flow by mass unit to unit menus.
You may enter whole numbers, decimals or fractions ie: 7, 29.35, 15 3/4

Volume flow rate

Flow rate by volume conversions

flow object volume vs. motion speed chart:
Volume FlowUS fluid ounce per hour
( fl oz/h )
US gallon per hour
( gal/h )
liter per hour
( l/h )
milliliter per hour
( ml/h )
US fluid ounce per hour
( fl oz/h )
1 fl oz/h0.0078 gal/h0.0296 l/h29.574 ml/h
US gallon per hour
( gal/h )
128 fl oz/h1 gal/h3.785 l/h3,785.412 ml/h
liter per hour
( l/h )
33.814 fl oz/h0.264 gal/h1 l/h1,000 ml/h
milliliter per hour
( ml/h )
0.034 fl oz/h0.0003 gal/h0.001 l/h1 ml/h
UK fluid ounce per hour
( fl oz/h )
0.9608 fl oz/h0.0075 gal/h0.028 l/h28.413 ml/h
UK gallon per hour
( gal/h )
153.722 fl oz/h1.201 gal/h4.546 l/h4,546.09 ml/h

Mass flow rate

Flow rate by mass vs. velocity conversions

flow object mass vs. motion speed chart:
Mass Flowounce per day
( oz/d )
pound per day
( lb/d )
kilogram per day
( kg/d )
tonne per day
( t/d )
ounce per day
( oz/d )
1 oz/d0.062 lb/d0.028 kg/d0.000028 t/d
pound per day
( lb/d )
16 oz/d1 lb/d0.454 kg/d0.00045 t/d
gram per day
( g/d )
0.0353 oz/d0.0022 lb/d0.001 kg/d0.000001 t/d
kilogram per day
( kg/d )
35.274 oz/d2.205 lb/d1 kg/d0.001 t/d
tonne per day
( t/d )
35,273.96 oz/d2,204.62 lb/d1,000 kg/d1 t/d

Cubic volume flow rate

Convert 6 cubic objects per minute to other flow rate values

volume flow rate equivalent measurements
Cubic Volume
US gallon per second
UK gallon per second
liter per second
cubic meter per minute
4.403 gal/sec3.67 gal/s16.667 l/sec
cubic yard per minute
3.366 gal/sec2.803 gal/s12.743 l/sec
cubic foot per minute
0.125 gal/sec0.104 gal/s0.472 l/sec
cubic inch per minute
0.000072 gal/sec0.00006 gal/s0.00027 l/sec
cubic centimeter per minute
0.0000044 gal/sec0.0000037 gal/s0.000017 l/sec
cubic millimeter per minute
4.4e-7 gal/sec3.7e-7 gal/s0.000002 l/sec

Extra flow rate units

Take advantage of flowing rate unit to unit converters for various conversion answers (added are additional kinds of unit variables, e.g. for flows by mass or volume per week and per year span).

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Flow rate converter - mass or volume velocity formula.