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Re: Ash pit and hot ash vs cold ash question

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Ash pit and hot ash vs cold ash question posted by Tom

It is not a firebox where the fire would be maintained, red hot embers do not damage the area. If you wish you can line the ash drop with firebricks or metal if you like but it's not necessary to do so even if red hot embers are being raked in each time the oven is heated up. And the stored ash is not hot any further (ash from lots of firing can be collected in before emptying.) Or you can do the ash drop on the Masterly Tail oven just the same way as is on the Swishy oven if you like without any collection. But anyway saying all of this; the red hot embers are excellent energy source why would you throw them down there when are still glowing? When baking only we always stop putting new firewood in on the fire rather 15 earlier and letting embers to do rest of the job. This gives you better burning at the end and less charcoal that is otherwise waste. r

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