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Re: Brick hearth evenness

From the WFO board

Posted by Richard

In Reply to: Re: Brick hearth evenness posted by John K

I am glad you solved your hearth flatness problem, but for anyone else faced with the same problem, I know of a better way. In the united states (Home Depot is where I deal) you can purchase 4 1/2' diameter grinding discs that are used on a 4 1/2' electric disc grinder. They have them for steel, stainless steel, masonry etc. They manufacture them in varying thicknesses. The 1/16' for example are called cutoff wheels and that is what you would use to score your brick for cutting.

In your case I would use the 1/4' thick disc for leveling the hearth. Now, two important points related to this system. First the discs are about $2.00 apiece and in most cases you can level an average hearth with one disc. Second, the grinder can be operated one-handed easily as most people in the welding trade do. The hearth door in my oven is 10' high by 16" wide and I can not imagine getting in there with a belt sander.

PS. The discs are consumable so if you do a lot of masonry work you would have to compare the cost of these discs versus diamond tipped discs, which are expensive.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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