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Re: Brick hearth evenness

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Re: Brick hearth evenness posted by John K

This is done quite easy and fast, there are several options to choose from to grind the surface flat. Grinding stones for masonry exist (and also wet sand paper), available in different grades from fine to coarse and sizes. You will not need to use machine at all for the spot for pizza, firebricks go fast to grind; take sponge and wet the surface - dip the stone in a bucket of water - put on gloves - hold the stone on the surface and grind by making small circling movements only - no need to press hard. You will see how quick it goes, main thing is to dip the stone in water every now and then for it to get washed and grind as fresh. Grinding stones are sold in specialized stores but also in many hardware stores where builders go to shop, or from advertisement papers any old stone can be used. Also, you can easily improvise and use a coarse brick or two instead of the stone! Bricks are not too same at times some can outstand but it's straight forward to fix it. r

PS thank you for saying: "I cannot tell you the number of times I have looked at your picture r2copy.jpg with enormous envy." One must get used to bricks not being straight because they are not just like all bricks but it's a good fun ;o)

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Re: Brick hearth evenness

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