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Re: Mixers or Hand

From the WFO board

Posted by Jim Grady

In Reply to: Mixers or Hand posted by Craig

"The Bread Builders" by Dan Wing & Alan Scott says that you want to have a loaded oven so that there is enough humidity from the breads to get a good crust. In his recipe for "Monsieur Montfort's French Bread", Bernard Clayton says:
"Prepare the oven by placing the broiler pan or a similar vessel on the lowest shelf. Five minutes before baking, pour 1.5 cups of hot tap water in the pan. ...
Brush or spray loaves with water as you place them in the hot oven.

At 3 minute intervals, during the first 15 minutes, spray the loaves. Do it from the oven door. Don't pull out the loaves or the moist hot air will be lost.

The loaves will be fully ovenproof (expanded) in about 18 minutes, at which time color will begin to tinge the crusts. If water remains in the pan, empty it."
("The Complete Book of Breads", pg. 268-269)

I am lazy and only put the pan with water in the oven for the first 18 min. - I don't do the spraying at 3 min intervals - and the crusts come out great.

Last of all, I have not built my wood oven yet (next summer's project!). This is in my convection oven but I think that placing a pan of water in your oven would make up for not having the extra loaves in there.

For what it's worth, I usually use a machine mixer.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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