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Re: Problems with heating

From the WFO board

Posted by Richard

In Reply to: Re: Problems with heating posted by Ray F

Those dimensions are roughly the same as my oven. I had the same fears at first. I fired my oven and it went all black and didn't get any heat... I was very disappointed and thought I had wasted my time. The second time I fired my oven I used a little more timbre and made the fire bigger. I started the fire in the front of the oven, them once it was going pushed it down to the back. Then I added more wood to get it going. I add wood until the flames are licking the ceiling and bending. I leave it like that and have a beer.

When things get white I give the oven a quick sweep, let the flames die a bit and start my pizzas. It is probably not the best way, but it sure works for me. every Saturday I have had my mates over and we have cooked up pizzas until we are stuffed.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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