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Re: Slab & Frost heaves?

From the WFO board

Posted by Tim

In Reply to: Slab & Frost heaves? posted by Jim G.

I Live north of Ottawa {the world's coldest capital city] We regularly get -35f and -40 every other winter. I put my oven on a 7" slab of double reinforced [2 layers of re-bar 2"apart] concrete right on the undisturbed mineral soil [we don't have much topsoil]. It came through this last winter unscathed. Mine is a very heavy oven, 7' tall two flues [one for the grill] and field-stone clad.

I worried that the weight would force the mud out from under as it thawed in the spring, but it was fine. I also fired my oven once a week all winter, even at -20c. It took a bit more wood, and I did not like shoveling the 50ft to the oven during snowfalls.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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