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Re: Slab & Frost heaves?

From the WFO board

Posted by Douglas Brown

In Reply to: Re: Slab & Frost heaves? posted by Jim G.

Jim I checked out the url you gave me about the insulation and in my opinion it does not apply to our situation. as you can see on the diagrams - the heated building is driving heat into the ground - the insulation is stopping the heat from escaping and then causing a freeze - dry cycle from freezing the perimeter - but not the centre of the structure(because the building heat would stop the centre from freezing) this would cause stress on the pad (some ground freezing - others not -unequal load on the pad)
our situation has the whole pad in equalibrium without insulation - as EVERYTHING frezes equally. - so - with good drainage and a consistent base we can ensure there is equal effect from freezing all around.
that is why it is potentially bad to put some insulation in - you may reduce freezing at the perimiter but have it in the centre and cause stress to your pad.

Walt Whitman once said "consistency is a hobgoblin for little minds" - but in this case consistency is good!

regards doug

Re: Slab & Frost heaves?

by Rado Hand on Google+

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