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Re: Slab & Frost heaves?

From the WFO board

Posted by Klaus

In Reply to: Re: Slab & Frost heaves? posted by Jim G.

Yes, you have certainly answered your own question! :-) EPS is also known as Styrofoam and is available in different grades. I have used EPS80, which seems to be the most commonly used type in Denmark - and 50 mm as recommended in "The Bread Builders". The necessary grade of EPS depend on the long-time load: With the estimated total weight of my oven (5-6 tons), I should be on the safe side with EPS80.

I doubt that 50 mm EPS provides effective frost-protection, so I have only extended the insulation 100 mm past the edge of the slab - but I still hope that the EPS can help a bit (and it does not add significantly to the overall cost anyway).

by Rado Hand on Google+

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