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Re: Fire Clay

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Re: Fire Clay posted by Simon

Simon, place I mention now is in Victoria but it's mayor manufacturer they will suggest many resellers or if not their own warehouse in S.A., call Darley Refractories Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne. (Member David Mitchel Ltd. Group) I buy refractory from them including firebricks having shipped on pallet(s) also to Brisbane in bulk or to single jobs around, they have very good freight too. I pay 12.40 bucks per 40Kg bag or 28.50 for 25Kg bucket of mixed airset RYLBOND 1450deg.C mortar (can be used in wood ovens too.) Consider buying also firebricks from them with 1 bag of fireclay on top, with freight it's much better at times when local supply is too dear, you will get quality material, for one oven you will pay for 1 pallet space on truck (half pallet in height.) Also pottery shops sell fireclay but put on 300% markup for artists to consume. r

Re: Fire Clay

by Rado Hand on Google+

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