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Re: got the CDs Rado, great job

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: got the CDs Rado, great job posted by Wally from Italy

Picture of pizza placed directly onto wood oven's hot firebrick dome.

Hi Wally,
I value your encouraging and prizing words coming from Italian, ....culture very much bonded with cooking in traditional ovens. Thank you.

Have a look at link below to oven-meals photo gallery, we also place pizzas directly onto hot firebrick floor achieving properly done pizzas in under 2 mins; they are magnificent! If we use metal pizza dish, only at times, it's because it's just a personal choice of who's around ;o)

Let me know chem. composition or physical properties of red bricks you mentioned.

I use firebricks (white in color), both for the hearth or the dome. They last and won't peal. Their high Bulk Density, Alumina content or low Apparent Porosity (1925Kg/cubic meter, 26% standard, 20%), permanent linear change just -0.3% (on Reheating to 1400deg.C/5 hr.) make the dome perfect.
Standard firebricks are meant to withstand in 1320deg.C (!) continuous use and in manufacturing process are stabilized in huge industrial kilns - You can place pizzas on these. Also dome made out of bricks is made of many fragments, everything can nicely move on expansion.

Pictures of Pizzas placed DIRECTLY onto firebrick floor.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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