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Re: got the CDs Rado, great job

From the WFO board

Posted by Wally the italian (

In Reply to: Re: got the CDs Rado, great job posted by Rado

Hi Rado,
about the chemical composition of these large bricks I do not know much. For what I understood they are mainly made from those ground that came out 2000 years ago out from Vesuvio vulcano. The producers are for the most based under the feet of the vulcano and so they take the materials directly from there.

If the bricks that you use are giving good results, it is not necessary to change anything. As you said, the bricks that you have can keep all the oven very clean. This is just very important, because many refractory bricks then very easily begin to loose materials as you touch them but the oven floor must be always absolutely CLEAN.

See ya

Re: got the CDs Rado, great job

by Rado Hand on Google+

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