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Heating up and cooking in winter

All this in a snowy freezing Canadian winter. Heating up the oven and cooking outdoors when none would say it's possible.

Using wood fire and cooking in snowy winter freezing weather.

Oven's name: "Tim's oven/grill"

Using wood fire and cooking in cold weather freezing Canadian winters. Using wood fire for heating outdoors oven and cooking in freezing-weather. picture of cast iron door on oven for cooking in winter.

Photo by: Tim

Location: Ottawa Canada

Title: Wood fire & cooking in freezing snowy weather

Description: Hi all,
mine is a ground oven located near Ottawa Canada.
The oven is firebrick, clad with field-stone, uninsulated, with a domed grill on top.

The oven is 24" deep 16" wide and 16" to the dome. Since completion, Oct. 04, I've fired almost 50 times, and I have not bought a loaf of bread at the store.

As you can see I fire up all winter, there is about 3+ feet of that white stuff (we don't use the "s" word this early in the fall) around the oven. I live on what in these parts is called a mountain ... really a 900' hill, but we can get a snowfall early in October some years, so we try not to think about that. We love the winter, I maintain 7km of ski trails (with snowshoes) mostly on our 300 acres of bush. But summer is so fleeting that as much as we love winter, it can wait.

We of course find the southern hemisphere and Australia equally mystic. I heat my house and two shops (blacksmith and pottery) with wood that I cut on the property.

Here are some non snowy shots of Tim's oven/grill. One shot of each of the oven side, the grill side, and a close up of the oven iron doors made by my wife, talented blacksmith Lydia VanderStaal. I ran out of film before I could get the "what's cooking in the oven?" picture.

Happy spring to ya! You there down under are enjoying a warm season. Snow in the northwest!

Tim from Canada

by Rado Hand

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