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A place to eat

A place to eat or a Carnegie's Restaurant in Greenfield, Indiana, US, by the owner Ian Harrison.

Restaurant with outdoor wood fired oven.

Oven's name: Carnegie

Outdoor oven in Restaurant. Restaurant in Indiana with outside wood oven.

Photo by: Ian

Location: Greenfield, Indiana

Title: A place to eat, Carnegie's Restaurant.

Description: I have just about completed construction on my oven. Here is some pictures I promised to send you. The oven is producing beautiful breads., pizzas, leg of lamb and chicken so far. Thanks for the detailed CD. It really helped.

Hope all is well with you.

The oven with it's winter enclosure
The oven with it's winter enclosure.

I wanted to send you a picture of my oven with it's winter enclosure. We have been making our bread for the restaurant every day in the oven. This enclosure, made from old garage doors and scrap lumber, keeps us out of the cold.

See you later,
Ian Harrison

by Rado Hand

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