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Built by Larry, in:
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Favorite Fritti North pizza place - Atlanta

Quite nicely done in natural stone, pizza oven built by Larry in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, after theirs favorite pizza place Fritti - North.

Pizza oven in Atlanta.

Oven's name: Fritti North (after our favorite Pizza Place in Atlanta)

Photo by: Larry

Location: Sugar Hill, Georgia, USA (45 minutes north of downtown Atlanta)

Title: An Atlanta Pizza Oven - Man, it is all about the Pie!

Description: Took 2.5 months of weekend-only activity to build the internals of the oven, from the foundation to the tomb-like cement structure that can be cooked in. The family helped a lot (wife and two kids) along with two neighbors who thought the project was real cool. The exterior stone work matches our house. The stone and patio followed over the next 9 months with the help of contractors. I had no previous cement and brick experience. Do not be afraid to make one - Just have a Beer and do it! If you are in the Atlanta area, drop by with beer or wine and we can discuss :-) - (

We have entertained friends and neighbors about five times this year with 30 to 40 pizzas, calzones, and dessert pizzas being made each time. Its very interactive and as the evening goes on the guests are constructing their own pizzas and working the oven. All pizzas made go onto a hugh cutting board for sharing by all.
Construction pictures can be found at:
Atlanta pizza oven

Just about every month someone asks me where they can get oven construction plans from - I always refer them to your site. I have added a link to on the newly created site.


by Rado Hand

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