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Built by Giles and Team, in:
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Landscaping students built this oven for the school

Giles with his team of landscaping students built this oven for their school other educational / culinary studies purposes.

Brick pizza oven built by Giles with TAFE Landscaping Students, Adelaide, South Australia.

Oven's name: Urrbrae Oven

Ceramic tile representing an olive branch. Pizza oven in Urrbrae Education Centre. Pizza oven Giles built with TAFE landscaping students.

Photo by: Giles
Location: Urrbrae Education Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

Title: Brick pizza oven built by Giles with TAFE Landscaping Students.

Description: Hi Rado,
Just a few pics of the brick oven that I built with TAFE landscaping students over the past few weeks. I have cooked 118 pizzas in the first week after completion for three different groups.

The oven is located just outside the high school and TAFE staff room in an ideal setting. TAFE is the largest training provider and vocational education organization in Australia. The ceramic tile, representing an olive branch (one of the symbols of the Urrbrae Education Centre) was designed and fired by Urrbrae high school students.

This is the second oven I have built after getting your Masterly CD back in Jan 2006. Feel free to include any photos on your website.

Regards, Giles ~ Adelaide S.A.

by Rado Hand

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