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Built by a lucky last, in:
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From a remote country in W.A.

It used to be a bakery for the old Inn cottage where owners who lived there many years ago were selling baked goods to the men traveling to goldfields in Pert. It's 4,000km between the East (Brisbane, Sydney) and the West (Perth).

Photograph of fireplace and wood firing oven in an old cottage kitchen.

Photo by: Aussie Lucky Last
Location: Perth, outback Western Australia

Title: Old 'Inn stopover cottage'

Description: Apparently used to be a bakery, you can see where they have bricked up a wall. This used to be big wooden doors where the trucks or horses and carts used to deliver the flour for the baking taking place there in the past when it was still operational. The Inn was a stopover for men going from Perth to the Goldfields for work or Hard Yakka in the slang language by Aussies there Down Under in their beautiful Outback country.

by Rado Hand

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