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Built by Heidi & Ed, in:
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Garden architecture in tunes of desert

Heidi was the chief mason all the way while we were building our oven. Now she has been the chef and she enjoys making her pizzas.

Wood bread oven earthquake-desert Architecture in USA.

Photo by: Heidi and Ed
Location: California

Title: Chief Mason ready for pizza.

Description: Heidi did most of the brick work and set all of the tile.

The random pattern, warm-colored ceramic tiles mirror the decor of our house and provide inviting ambiance. The door to the storage area is accented with ribs from Saguaro Cacti brought from Arizona. Figure above oven opening is that of desert gecko.

After many hours of construction, the wood-fired pizzas exceeded all of our expectations. You must try it one time first and there is no way back then.

by Rado Hand

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