Pictures of meals made in wood fired ovens. Photographs of pizza, bread, meat dishes cooked traditional way by using a fire in wood fired brick ovens. Pizza photos.

Picture of pizza oven for pizza, breads and roasts.
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This is how a crispy thin base pizza looks like from the other side. So here you have a bottom view of a pizza created in a very hot conditions on heated firebricks. Simply, it is the most natural cooking. We would have to forget about it there to burn it.

Crispy Pizza created with a crust in the base, view from the bottom.
Bottom view of a crispy thin base pizza done in a very hot dome.
Pizza in wood fired dome.
At this stage the dome was still hot
Making pizzas.
15 people were into making pizzas one by one
Wood fire red hot cinders, embers.
When the dome gets good atmosphere
Perfect thin crispy pizza.
Julien's perfect thin crispy pizza
Baking perfect French baguettes.
Baking perfect French baguettes, by Julien
Perfect quality thin crispy pizza.
Thin crust-crispy pizza by Rado
Pre winter hot pizza making, picture by Ray
Ray's pre winter pizza on paddle
Pre winter hot pizza making, picture by Ray
Roasted turkey
by Rado more pictures or description is here
Space waiting for your photos. Link is below to email me your photographs.

If I get description wrong please email me to correct me.
Evening picture of a love heart pizza being fired.
Fired love hearth pizza
Picture of 3 pizzas being cooked at ones.
3 pizzas in the mild hot dome
Roasting a whole chicken and vegetables in a wood fired oven.
Roasting chicken and veggies
Inside the dome roasting chicken in covered pots.
Covered at the beginning
Cheese cake taken out from the wood oven.
Sweet Cheese cake
Just baked sweet apple cake still hot.
Sweet Apple cake
How to bake a white bread.
White bread
Nicely cleaned dome and the new firing.
Firing in a clean dome
Picture of ash and red hot ambers in the dome from four firings.
Ash in dome from 4+ firings
Making a vegetalian pizza with the feta cheese.
Veggie pizza with feta cheese
Thin base pizza with tasty crisp and crust.
Thin base crispy pizza
Chicken pieces in a lemon sauce grilled in wood fired oven.
Chicken lemon drumsticks
Picture of a love heart pizza.
Love heart pizza!
Picture of a pineapple cake with iceing.
Pineapple cake
Almond cake very easy and quick to make.
Almond cakes
Very tasty and big pizza.
A bit over cooked
Bread baking in a brick wood oven.
Baking bread

Hidden secret recipe +
a close up bread picture
Nice thin base pizza.
Thin base pizza
Photograph of a pizza from wood oven.
Turkey, cheese & pineapple pizza
This pizza is ready to be fired.
Salami pizza
Picture of the same pizza being fired.
Pizzino in 2 minutes
Pizza ready to put into the wood oven.
Pizza before cooking
Picture of raw base to be fired.
Pizza before cooking
Finished pizza with many olives.
Veggie after cooking
Photograph of slami pizza from wood fired oven.
Pizza after cooking
Two pizzas picture just to be cut down.
Oven cooked pizzas
Experiment with cheese in a brick oven.
Cheese experiment
Adriana from Victoria Point and her Pizza Marinara picture.
Adriana's Pizza Marinara
We did not have a round pizza dish.
Rectangular yummy pizza
Picture of a love heart pizza.
picture of Love heart pizza!


* E-mail me a picture of your own wood oven meal, it should be here! Picasa pack by Google contains a collection of essential software, free to download, easy to install and use. I use the free 'Picasa photo editing program' with all my photos to crop, resize, sharpen to simply make my pictures nicer and then re-save for upload or email.

A to Z tutorial with pictures on how to make pizza dough and base.

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Image of a brick wood burning pizza oven.

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