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Re: Concrete Mix

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Re: Concrete Mix posted by Edwin

Yes cement or pre-mixed concrete is a lot more dense, 80lbs or 36.3kg bag can look smaller than 50lbs or 22.7kg bag of lime.

How did you calculate it? If you mix in wheelbarrow you can speed things up:

Empty 5 of these pre-mix bags on a firm floor somewhere behind the house (or in garage if raining etc. you can broom it after.) Now the lime volume. To find out the lime part amount; if you wanted exact 1/5 you could fill with lime one of the empty bags from the concrete mix to measure the one 5th. I would do it just by eye; I always count shovels watching each to be the same. Add the lime part on top. Mix dry ingredients first, best way to mix concrete by hand is to move the stuff shovel by shovel to one side and back, 3-4 times will do. In fact water can be added into the mix this way in small amounts perfectly, but only if you don't need to wash the floor afterwards to what it was before. This way it is much easier than in a wheelbarrow or with an el. hand mixer.

Concrete in these bags is very strong, you could still add in also a bit of sand with stones to save money (but i know you have chosen this way to avoid measuring so don't get confused.) Reinforced top slab well then, it's different to ground slab. Heat expansion won't be stopped by how strong the concrete mix is. r

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