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Re: Concrete Mix

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In Reply to: Re: Concrete Mix posted by Edwin

Portland cement (often called just 'GP cement') is already a bit refractory. On that sheet it says Portland cement 26-50% (?), assuming if it was the lower 26% amount the mix will contain enough, making it stronger concrete mix. Common mix consists of 4:1 parts (20% cement) ingredients ratio. (I prefer to call it parts instead of shovels because if grabbing cement out from a bottom of a bag the amount on the shovel could logically be smaller. At least it happens to me when the bag hasn t been torn.) That would make it 5 bags of the ready mix to one same size bag of the hydrated lime. Hydrated lime is much lighter in weight when compared with cement, but it's added in as per parts sense - 4:1:1 parts/bags/buckets/cups. Making it 6 all up.
***Thank you for mentioning this Edwin, I will add it into pages this way too. r

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