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Re: insulation limitations

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: insulation limitations posted by Bob Kirschbaum

If it's as you say only in the front, and if the cooking part was boxed in (e.g. among building brick walls, corrugated iron or some other casing) then you could simply pour in the vermiculite in its loose/dry form. Straight out from the bag. 1" or 2.5cm thick insulation is sufficient in the front (but would be insufficient for the back or sides.) If the front is not in a case then I would go for ceramic blanket insulation.

BTW insulation in a loose, unmixed, dry form can be poured in all over the hot cooking part front, sides, back and top cover. Mixing agents are there just to bond particles together and unnecessary absorb heat. If the oven is incased just dip it in the insulation! r

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Re: insulation limitations

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