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Re: Blue stone hearth and flat oven cieling

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Blue stone hearth and flat oven cieling posted by Bob Kirschbaum

In the heat absorption part it will work real well as the blue stone is very good heat retentive material. Solid clay bricks behind the stone as a hot face will increase heat absorbing capacity. Flat ceiling oven will cook as the heat radiation spreads across evenly. The main issue here would be the ceiling construction side of things. It is quite a large surface and the stone would most certainly create long cracks done by the 'heat differences in material'. In heat absorbing structures and the refractory, large surface differs to surface made of bricks as area put together of small fragments; everything moves nicely while expansion progresses slowly from the center close to the heat source to the sides. And cooling down is the main time when surfaces crack; edges are cooled down faster then the center and shrink while inside the material is still expanded. With bricks it's perfectly balanced and self-adjustable but larger surfaces like to adjust by them selves to the movement. Did I answer what you seek? r

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