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Re: Adelaide - Building Materials

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Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Adelaide - Building Materials posted by Evert

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Hi Evert,
Thanks for the great information I am sure many people will find it very useful.

ClayPave has all needed for building ovens, also large fireclay bags at roughly $25 per bag or ready mixed refractory mortar in bucket at ~$33 and it's being put on top of the same palette with firebricks. I have been to their yards few times, it's a huge company. ClayPave firebricks are as you say under $2, resellers sell these around country with (a) markups, so with appropriate freight anyone can get proper firebricks a lot cheaper anywhere in Australia (2 people could get together and buy bricks for 2 oven jobs to cut shipping cost in half.) Here is picture of ClayPave oven firebricks; with accurate measurements because they cut them to size after they been fired in kilns. On this photo there are few more for bigger oven.
Something else, while ordering mention you don't need to keep the palette to save further 30 bucks ;o) r

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