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From the WFO board

Posted by Evert

Rick Cobby Transport (phone 08 8349 4799, fax 08 8349 7334). They have a web-page, rates are reasonable, it cost me $120.00 to deliver 240 (0.96 ton) firebricks from QLD to my door. Allow a bit over a week.
PGH were going to charge me $55.00 a bottom rate for delivery from Golden Grove, if you do decide to go through PGH you will have to visit them and inspect the bricks before they will sell them to you

The Pug Mill
17a Rose Street Mile End

Claypave QLD - you do not have to arrange your own transport as the deliver on pallet. Claypave outlets in SA will add on a large margin, approx 50%, so save yourself hundreds of dollars and arrange own transport (see above).

Street Address Chum St Dinmore Queensland 4303
Postal Address P.O. Box 142 Booval Queensland 4304
Phone (07) 3282 1444
Fax (07) 3282 1099 (Sales)
Fax (07) 3282 2686 (Administration)
Free-call ( within Australia) 1800-809-729 ask for Kasey

PGH (Golden Grove) firebricks not squared up properly, the cost here would be similar to Claypave when adding delivery charges. Funny thing but they get their bricks from QLD PGH, however the firebricks they use in their own kilns come from Claypave.

Littlehampton Bricks are very expensive ie. 20kg of fireclay = $100.00, at the Pug Mill 25Kg = $29.75. Littlehampton firebricks $5.00 each and a $1.97 at Claypave (best deal for price even with long transport).

Clay Tiles and other salvage needs; Scrumpers at Londsdale have a large range of stock at cheap prices.

Hope the above is useful and saves time and $$$

by Rado Hand on Google+

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