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Re: Pizza Paddle - materials

From the WFO board

Posted by Paul B

In Reply to: Pizza Paddle - materials posted by Bob Bourne

I built two peels (Paddles) for my Masterly.

A wooden one from a broken Block splitter handle and a piece of 12mm marine plywood. I cut out the square form in the plywood and then used a belt sander to chamfer the front edge. I used a circular saw to "slot" the blocksplitter handle and then used stainless steel screws to assemble. A coating or two of vegetable oil finished it off.
Approx size is 30cm x 35 cm.

This is great for loading pizza / bread into the oven but bit clumsy to use to turn the pizzas and to get them out without pushing the pizza into the hot ashes.

I made a second peel out of a 30cm stainless steel tray. I cut the edge off it with tin snips and then 'slotted' a broom handle and assembled it in the same manner as the wooden one.

total cost for both ..$3.99 for the steel tray at a "Cheap-as-chips" store, The rest came from scrap.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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