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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: WEATHER PROOFING posted by Veloy

In 2 weeks I am starting to build oven shaped into the barrel look and all below the insulation and weather finish will structurally be the same. Basically the soft insulation applied over the cooking dense part must absorb the heat expansion movement for its top surface must be stable before the final layer is put on. Not difficult to do it right, just the expansion can t push onto the final layer (stucco or painted render) otherwise it develops cracks where water could leak and slowly damage the masonry over 2-3 years. Roofing wood fired ovens is something to consider. Like with houses, roof protects masonry structures logically the best and is lasting. Also roof gets rid of water condensation problems that sometimes happen if water soaks into the render from inside out. From this oven building I will post a new good page with one way this can be done (right after my 2 weeks holidays.) r


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