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Re: bricks

From the WFO board

Posted by Ed

In Reply to: bricks posted by steve

Hi Steve,
Refractory bricks are definitely the best in an oven but solid clays are fine to use. It probably comes down to how much you're going to use the oven and what you expect. If you want the very best, go for refractory bricks.

If you are going to be a weekend user, I'd say solids aren't a problem. I used solids in mine and have been using the oven for several months now without detriment. Your oven won't reach anything like the temps that solids are fired at so they shouldn't degrade. I know of others who also use solids (including one used commercially).

That is not to say that refractory bricks aren't worth the money. If you can afford them, they will last forever and most likely retain a little more heat.

If you are going to go for solids, the whites will reflect more light than reds and also look more like refractory bricks. If you want to check out how the inside of my oven is holding up I can post a few photos.

The sides are second hand refractory bricks, the dome and hearth, which are the hottest, are solid reds.


by Rado Hand on Google+

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