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Re: I must be due another question by now.

From the WFO board

Posted by Ed

In Reply to: I must be due another question by now . posted by Chris

Hi Chris,
If you have made a barrel bread oven, the step following the vault should be a layer of foil followed by a layer of reinforced concrete and then the insulation. This serves 2 purposes. 1) It provides strength and holds the vault together, 2) It creates extra thermal mass for extended cooking times.

Those that make well pieced igloo ovens don't need to be concerned with the reinforced concrete layer (if they have constructed well). They will instead go with masses of insulation.

All ovens benefit from as much insulation as you can afford. This will make your oven efficient. I am not sure about insulating blankets (Rado would have a better idea on this) but 4 inches of vermiculite (or perlite) would be best, and a minimum would be 2 inches if space is at premium.


Re: I must be due another question by now.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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