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I must be due another question by now .

From the WFO board

Posted by Chris

Hi Guys

I must be due for another question by now.

Just a quick question, I have finished building the vault and have covered the vault with a 20mm coat of the fire clay mixture that I used when cementing the vault together, then I have placed a thermal fire blanket over the top with chicken wire to hold in place, then I have covered the chicken wire with more refractured cement and smoothed off, probably about 20 mm again.

I have been reading some of the previous notes about insulation, do you think that I will need to add additional layers to the outer dome for strength. Besides the logic involved with the heating aspect.

If yes, yippee I don t have to mix any more cement in me barra (slang for mixing in my wheel barrow). If no, can you please tell me what to use and how thick the outer layer should be.

Thanks again guys

Hope to here from you soon.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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