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Re: dew point and moisture

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In Reply to: Re: dew point and moisture posted by jonny

Either fire it continuously or just fire for cooking every day. If you only cook in the afternoons then every next morning fire again, the heat gets through the mass part and will also soak through the insulation removing water everywhere. Maintain the oven hot it'll dry. If it's easy for you to remove roof tiles in 2-3 places during the day then do so for a bit better results but perhaps opening the roof won't do much difference if there are gaps between tiles anyway. In winter condensed water can still form in but only on cooling down; so after using the oven keep the wooden door closed for temperature to go down slow. As Jonny said cooling harms ovens more. For firing up in winter and to avoid stress going from frost to hot and the condensed water; start with small fire for a while then adding more fire wood in making the fire larger gradually. r

Re: dew point and moisture

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