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Re: dew point and moisture

From the WFO board

Posted by Ed

In Reply to: dew point and moisture posted by douglas brown

Hi Douglas,
As far as I understand, yes it is simply dew, condensation. This is totally common and it happens under a specific outside temperature. Other than that, the main problem of moisture, rain water for instance, would be getting it into a concrete cladding layer progressing into firebricks. When the roof cover isn't holding 100% etc. But it does not sound like you would have problem like that.

But still, hypothetically, if you had rain water in and you ware concerned about it, is it possible to remove the insulation and dry the moisture from it separately? You could do a normal firing with the top insulation slight uplifted and that should rid all the remaining water from the bricks as it dries out. Or just simply fix the leakage first and then start temperature increase in a slow rate when you fire.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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