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Re: Masterly Tail oven

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Masterly Tail oven posted by Rob

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These ovens can be built to suit in lower or higher level easily just how you prefer it to be. The oven sits on concrete Besser blocks, and you can place that many blocks under it how high you want it to be. Finish the firing part first, leave it to dry of water, apply smaller drying fires to remove remaining water from the structure and you can start to cook.

Then continue with decoration till completion.

Masterly Tail oven that is on CDrom has slightly different decorations to Swishy. MTo has different refractory part made of firebricks and more non refractory features, practical separated space for collecting ash from many firings or very nice looking and straight forward done roofing job. One MTo was build low set sitting right on the ground others in a hip level. There are some pictures in ovens gallery so far, I will add more to new pages soon. The MTo Cd's or download links are being sent out to builders already - people build with it for a nice while!

"... there shouldn't be an issue with leaving 1 row of brick out, right? :)" of course you can build it minus a brick row, all other matters remain the same. r

Masterly Tail oven designs early pages link

by Rado Hand on Google+

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