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Re: A smaller oven

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In Reply to: Re: A smaller oven posted by Bob Bourne

For the size; door of 9" high x 15" to 16" wide (230mm x 380mm to 405mm) will be okay and the vault 14½" (370mm). If you did entry arched, as has the Masterly Tail oven design, keep door height at 10" (254mm) and vault 16" (406mm) high.
Something to consider, in the air current circulation; comparing with rectangle entry, arched entry has top corners lowered pushing the exiting hot air to lower level. It warms up more the cold air inlet and saves more heat right in the floor spot for pizza. When using oven with wooden door closed, e.g. slow roasting or baking, it does not matter. But don't go too low to get in enough air for starting fire; although with dry fire wood ovens can be successfully fired with much lower door than that not everyone can be use to. r

Masterly Tail oven designs pages Early page it is being done

Re: A smaller oven

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