"Masterly Tail Dome® oven." Quality diy home projects.

Masterly Tail Oven.

I finally managed to put out Masterly Tail Oven workshop. It took quite a long time as processing nearly thousand photographs was a hard work.

This is the TOTAL help covering all aspects in wood oven building. Masterly Tail dome is of high quality and very clever. It requires nearly no firebrick cutting, minimal cutting job on the whole dome construction involves only two firebricks that need to be angled. These bricks can be given with a simple diagram to anyone who cuts bricks (builders on job or brick sales) and they'll do it in no time. I put a lot of myself into development of this dome design. It is the design which I do for work when building ovens.

Details on what's in it.

MTo is of the same high quality as the Swishy oven design, both ovens perform the same way. You can cook top pizzas, after firing roasts and other cooking, for hours bake breads and cakes, or dry fruits and tomatoes for 10+ hours after baking, you name it. Masterly is a bit more advanced from the Swishy in the oven features sense. Structurally the dome is revolutionary.

Fast to rescale. Masterly Tail dome can be very easy adjusted into more desired or suitable sizes just by adding in or taking off one or more bricks from any side.