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5 cent piece to a 50 cent piece ....Help

From the WFO board

Posted by Chris

Hi Guys and Rando

I think I m due for another question.

I made the hearth slab for the pizza oven on the weekend and realised that I have made the slab with a gap around the sides, which is correct, but only a small gap at the rear of the oven, the gap is the same size all the way around the oven, much to my delete and self satisfaction, until ..

I have realised I have not left enough room at the rear of the oven to place the top course of the outer wall and will have to build the outer wall of the pizza oven on top of (rear only) the hearth slab, as the section at present backs onto a existing limestone wall, my bottom is already changing in size from a 5 cent piece to a 50 cent piece quite rapidly.

What he big concern is that when the oven slab gets warm it may contract and expand towards the rear of the outer wall of the pizza oven and crack the outer skin.

Do you think if I build the outer wall on the ear of the concrete hearth floor and just reduce he size of the oven to give a small buffer between the outer wall and the vault.

Rando, now is your chance to redeem yourself and get in Pizza Makers Heaven.

5 cent piece to a 50 cent piece ....Help

by Rado Hand on Google+

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