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Re: masterly - tail vs. swishy

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: masterly - tail vs. swishy posted by douglas brown

Thank you for your nice words about Masterly Tail oven (MTo). Yes it is absolutely okay to change internal width from 34" (87cm) to 32" (82cm) just like on Swishy chamber. In fact you can change internal size very easy by taking off or adding in @ any side, while all other structural matters remain the same.
Same for the chimney, you can place its back side bricks sitting on/above the dome entry which saves quite a lot of space in front (in your structure it will be stones - by the way great looking masonry work with stones!) I think I emailed you the *sequence of the MTo built simply low set on the ground, have a look the oven has chimney built exactly the same way as you asked if it can be done that way. It is very easy; this particular oven is covered with soil and decorative thick grasses and used for daily business as well.

*Those builders who already have Masterly Tail oven cdrom from us and would like to obtain plus the additional low set built MTo sequence with diagrams we can email it to you, please mention your name in your requesting email. (Structure has also freezing climates or for heavy use front deco entry design and nice spacious surface for resting large pot when checking how a roast goes - or just for glasses of wine.) r

Re: masterly - tail vs. swishy

by Rado Hand on Google+

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