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masterly - tail vs. swishy

From the WFO board

Posted by Douglas Brown

I started to build my oven and hearth with the intention of building a swishy oven. Since then I have received the pictures for the Masterly tail oven and I like the way the firebricks are done - especially the arch at the door with the second smaller arch making the entrance.

I wonder if is it possible to do a 32 inch wide oven in the masterly style or does it have to be 34 inches wide.
I also note that on the masterly oven the chimney is supported by the outside structure totally - while on the swishy some of the weight is supported by the inside structure - (the concrete beam over the door).

So - if I go with an oven more like the masterly - can I still support the weight of the chimney with the inside structure (as I need to because of the size of the base pad)

by Rado Hand on Google+

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