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Re: Chimney dimensions - what is minimum?

From the WFO board

Posted by Mike

In Reply to: Re: Chimney dimensions - what is minimum? posted by Rado

Hi Rado, this oven is being built at my home in Texas. I hope the lake lot will have a house and oven #2 in a few years :)
I have uploaded over 180 pictures and two drawings in the ovens gallery.

Later I will build a dedicated site. The drawing show this best. I measured and illustrated a 6" chimney width with my current layout. I can get 2' more by sliding the entire oven chamber back that amount (reducing the supported insulation on the back). Might not be a problem if I somehow extend the hearth for the lightweight vermiculite insulation mixture. Heavy cladding will be on the hearth.

Can also get 2" by cutting the front oven chamber bricks (see 5 line in drawing).
Would 6" do? Would 8" be best? From what I can tell from your pictures, 8" seems to be a common depth for your chimney.

Since posting the original question, I have read a lot about chimneys on the web. Wow. Circular = better. Lined (smooth) and insulated helps draft. Making it tall helps. My city building codes require me to have my chimney 2" above the fence so I will have a 4 to 5' chimney.

Let me know if you can access the drawings and if a 8" lined chimney will work.
Thanks again. Mike

by Rado Hand on Google+

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